To apply in person or by mail, the applicant is required to submit the following documents:


1. 01 application form (click here​ or here ) and fill it out by hand or use paper application forms available at the Embassy upon your submission.


2. Passport (the original for a sticker-visa application OR a copy of the ID page for a loose-leaf visa application) with at least 06 months of validity prior to the proposed date of entry into Viet Nam to meet airlines' and immigration requirements).

For Vietnamese holding a Travel Document or Alien Passport, you can apply for a Visa Exemption Certificate (click here), also known as "Viet Nam 5-year visa". 


3. Photo: one (1) passport size photo if the original passport is submitted for a sticker visa OR two (2) photos if a copy of the passport is submitted for a loose-leaf visa.


4. Visa fees: in DKK cash or bank transfer


5. Other supporting documents (if any): copy of visa approval document or provision of visa approval reference number issued by the relevant authority of Viet Nam; invitation lett​er from sponsor/host etc.

As of March 10, 2020, all applicants have to present air ticket/itinerary, accomodation booking and booked tour.​


6. If you wish to receive your passport and/or visa sent back to your mailing address by mail: 01 prepaid self-addressed return envelope. To ensure safe delivery of your application package and visa, it is recommended that you use certified mail service with tracking number to check on delivery status. The Embassy shall not be responsible for any loss of documents due to insecure and uncertified mailing service. In case you do not bring along a prepaid return envelope upon submission of visa application at the Embassy, you could pay for the additional mailing service.



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