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    I. Production of new materials, new energy; production of high-tech products, bio-technology products, info-technology products; production of manufactured mechanical products

    1.    Production of composite materials, light construction materials, rare and precious materials.
    2.    Production of high quality steel, alloy, special metals, sponge iron; steel billets.
    3.    Production of new energy: Construction of plants using solar energy, wind energy, bio-gas, geothermal energy, tides.
    4.    Production of medical equipment for analytical and extractive technologies in medical sector; orthopaedic instruments, wheelchairs, specialised instruments for the disabled;
    5.    Projects applying advanced technology, biotechnology to produce medicines meeting international GMP standards; production of drug materials for antibiotics.
    6.    Production of computers; information, telecommunications and Internet equipment; pivotal info-technology products.
    7.    Production of semiconductors and high-tech electronic components; production of software products, website applications; provision of software services; research on information technology; training human resources in the field of info-technology.
    8.    Production and manufacture of precision mechanical equipment; equipment and machinery for examination and control of safety during the process of industrial production; industrial robots.

    II. Cultivation and processing of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products; making salt; production of man-made strains, new seeds and breeds of animals.

    9.    Afforestation and taking care of forests;
    10.    Cultivation of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products in uncultivated land, unexploited waters;
    11.    Catching of marine products at offshore sea.
    12.    Production of new strains; propagation and hybridization of seeds and breeds of animals with high economic efficiency.
    13.    Production, exploitation and refining of salt.

    III. Use of high-technology; modern technology; protection of ecological environment; research on, development and fostering of high-technology.

    14.    Application of high-technology; application of new technologies which have not been applied in Vietnam; application of biotechnology.
    15.    Pollution treatment and environmental protection; manufacture of equipment for treatment of environmental pollution, equipment for observation and analysis of environment.
    16.    Collection and treatment of liquid waste, gaseous waste, solid waste; recycling and reuse of waste;
    17.    Research on, development and fostering of high-technology

    IV. Employment of large number of employees

    18. Projects regularly employing 5,000 or more employees.

    V. Construction and development of infrastructures and important projects

    19. Construction and operation of infrastructure facilities in industrial zones, export processing zones, high-tech zones and economic zones, and of important projects established under a decision of the Prime Minister.

    VI. Development of facilities in educational, training, medical, gymnastic and sports sectors

    20. Construction of drug detoxification centres or tobacco detoxification centres.
    21.    Setting up establishments providing sanitation services to prevent and fight against epidemics;
    22.    Establishment of geriatric centres, and relief centres concentrating on care for the disabled and orphans;
    23.    Construction of sports centres for training and coaching athletes with high performance; sports centres for the disabled; sports centres with equipment and facilities for exercises and contests, meeting requirements of international sporting events;

    VII. Other sectors of production and service

    24.    Investment in research and development (R&D) accounting for 25% or more of turnover;
    25.    Services of salvage in the sea.
    26.    Construction of tenements for employees working in industrial zones, export processing zones, high-tech zones, economic zones; construction of dormitories for college students and construction of housing for people entitled to social benefits.


    I.    Production of new materials, new energy; production of high-tech products, bio-technology products, info-technology products, manufactured mechanical products

    1.    Production of sonic, electric and thermal highly-insulating materials; wood-substitute synthetic materials; fire-proof materials, construction plastics, fibreglass, special cement,…
    2.    Production of non-ferrous metals; cast-iron refining.
    3.    Production of moulds for metal and non-metal products.
    4.    Construction of new power plants, electricity transmission and distribution networks.
    5.    Production of medical equipment; building storage for preservation of pharmaceutical products and for storing human medicaments for prevention of and fighting against natural disasters, calamities, dangerous epidemics;
    6.    Production of equipment for testing toxic substances in foodstuffs;
    7.    Development of petrochemical industry;
    8.    Production of coke, activated carbon.
    9.    Production of crops protection drugs, insecticides, preventive and curative drugs for animals and aquatic creatures, veterinary drugs.
    10.    Materials for production of drugs, preventive and curative drugs for social diseases; vaccines, medical bio-products, medicines from pharmaceutical materials, oriental medicines;
    11.    Construction of establishments for biological testing, and for evaluating effects of drugs; construction of establishments meeting criteria for production, preservation and testing of drugs; cultivation, reaping and processing of pharmaceutical materials.
    12.    Development of resources of pharmaceutical materials and production of drugs from pharmaceutical materials; projects for researching on and proving the scientific basis of oriental medicine prescriptions, and formulating testing criteria in respect of  oriental medicine prescriptions; conducting a survey of and compiling statistics on various types of pharmaceutical materials used for production of drugs; collection, inheritance and application of oriental medicine prescriptions; search for, exploitation and utilisation of new pharmaceutical materials.
    13.    Production of electronic products.
    14.    Production of machinery, equipment and components packs in the fields of exploitation of petroleum, mining, and energy; manufacture of large-size lifting and lowering equipment; manufacture of machine tools for metal processing; metallurgy equipment;
    15.    Production of high and medium voltage electric devices; large-size generators.
    16.    Production of diesel engines; production and building of, and repair to ships; production of equipment and spare parts for cargo ships, fishing boats; manufacture of dynamic and hydraulic machinery and parts, and compressing machines;
    17.    Production of equipment, vehicles and machinery for construction; production of technical equipment for the transportation industry; production of locomotives and carriages;
    18.    Production of machine tools, machinery, equipment, spare parts serving agricultural and forestry production; food processors; equipment used in irrigation;
    19.    Production of equipment and machinery for the textile and garment industry; production of machinery for the leather industry.

    II.    Cultivation and processing of agricultural, forestry and aquatic products, making salt; production of man-made strains, seeds and breeds of animals

    20.    Cultivation of medicinal plants;
    21.    Preservation of post-harvest agricultural products; preservation of agricultural and aquatic products and foodstuffs;
    22.    Production of bottled or canned juice from fruits;
    23.    Production and refining of feed for cattle, poultry, aquatic creatures;
    24.    Technical services in support of cultivation of industrial plants and forestry plants, animal husbandry, aquaculture, protection of plants and domestic animals.
    25.    Production, propagation and hybridization of seeds and breeds of animal.

    III. Use of high technology, modern technologies; protection of ecological environment; research on, development and fostering of high technology

    26.    Production of equipment for dealing with oil-overflow.
    27.    Production of equipment for waste treatment.
    28.    Construction of technical establishments and facilities: laboratories, experimental stations for application of new technologies to production; establishment of research institutes.

    IV. Employment of lots of employees:

    29. Projects regularly employing 500 to 5,000 employees.

    V.  Construction and development of infrastructure facilities

    30.    Construction of infrastructure facilities in service of production and operation of cooperatives and community life in rural areas;
    31.    Projects for operation of infrastructure facilities and production in complexes of industries and trades in rural areas.
    32.    Construction of water plants or water supply systems in service of living needs or industries; construction of drainage systems;
    33.    Construction and improvement of bridges, roads, airports, ports, railroad stations, bus stations, parking lots; opening of more railroad routes;
    34.    Construction of technical infrastructures for densely-populated areas in localities provided in Appendix B issued together with this Decree.

    VI. Development of facilities in educational, training, medical, gymnastic, sports and national cultural sectors

    35.    Construction of infrastructure facilities of educational and training establishments. Construction of private and people-founded schools and educational and training establishments at all levels: pre-schools; popular schools; secondary vocational schools; colleges and universities.
    36.    Establishment of people-founded hospitals and private hospitals.
    37.    Construction of gymnastic and sports centres, exercising clubs, gymnastic and sports clubs; establishments for production and manufacture of or for repair to equipment and devices used for gymnastic and sports exercises.
    38.    Establishment of national cultural houses, groups of singers and dancers performing national music and dance; theatres, film studios, film printing and developing establishments, cinemas; production and manufacture of, and repair to national musical instruments; renovation and conservation of museums, national cultural houses and cultural and artistic schools.
    39.    Construction of national tourism areas, eco-tourism areas; construction of cultural parks including sports areas and entertainment areas.

    VII. Development of traditional trades

    40. Formulation and development of traditional trades in relation to production of fine-art and handicraft products; processing of agricultural products and food; production of cultural products.

    VIII. Other production or service sectors

    41.    Provision of the Internet connection, access and application services, and establishment of telephone booths in regions included in Appendix B issued together with this Decree.
    42.    Development of means of public transportation including: development of ships and airplanes, means of railroad transportation, automobiles of 24 seats or more for transportation of passengers by land; modern and high-sped boats for transportation of passengers by river; container ships, ocean-going vessels.
    43.    Projects for relocation of production establishments out of inner cities.
    44.    Construction of type-I markets and exhibition areas.
    45.    Production of children's toys.
    46.    Projects for raising capital and lending capital by People's credit funds.
    47.    Legal consultancy; consultancy on intellectual property and technology transfer.
    48.    Production of various types of materials for pesticides.
    49.    Production of basic chemicals, purified chemicals, specialised chemicals and dyes.
    50.    Production of materials for cleansers, and additives for the chemical industry.
    51.    Production of paper, cardboard, artificial planks directly from sources of agricultural and forestry materials at home; production of paper-pulp.
    52.    Weaving fabric, completing textile products; producing silk and fibres of various kinds; tanning and semi-processing of hides.
    53.    Investment projects in industrial zones, established under a decision of the Prime Minister.



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